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Art Advisory Services

DFAA is a full service, private art consultancy specializing in modern and contemporary art.  We have dedicated collectors around the world. Careful scholarship is at the core of our work, guided by each collector’s individual aesthetic, interests, and goals.

DFAA is made up of art professionals able to assist in every aspect of collecting with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. We have built close relationships with our collectors, often over the span of many years. Owing to our highly personalized approach, we have the pleasure of growing and learning alongside our clients, constantly looking at and speaking about art. We have shared with our clients many enriching experiences traveling, visiting artists’ studios, and exploring galleries and museums worldwide.

Every decision, large or small, is given our unbiased, objective advice, not only in regard to each artwork we present, but in all areas of discussion and inquiry. Because of our well-established relationships with galleries local and worldwide, we have been able to cultivate critical trust on all sides, ensuring access to the most desirable and highest quality works. DFAA aims to create an experience of collecting that is satisfying on a variety of levels.

In addition to advising collectors, DFAA engages in many facets of the art world on a global scale. We are involved with non-profit organizations worldwide, contribute to various curatorial projects, and are always finding ways to support artists and special projects.

  • Assistance in developing areas of interest for collectors, both new and experienced

  • Collaboration with interior designers

  • Advice and assistance on purchase and sale of works of art both privately and at auction

  • Market analysis, determination of value and sensitive price negotiation

  • Evaluation of condition

  • Research and documentation

  • Assistance with framing and installation

  • Collection maintenance

Trust & Estate appraiser services can be for tax purposes, to distribute property, trust and estate planning, fine art wealth or asset management.

Trust & Estate

Consultation is an economical way to decide where to go next if you are uncertain about the value of your collection.


Insurance appraiser services are for coverage against loss or damage. Appraisal values are for replacement purposes and are closest to those in the retail.

Insurance Appraisal

Charitable Donation appraiser services uses Fair Market Value as defined by the IRS. Charitable Donation is an important part of Financial Planning. We are pleased to consult with you and your financial advisors about your planned charitable donation.

Charitable Donation

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